Got ESS Fully Operational, But...

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Got ESS Fully Operational, But... Empty Got ESS Fully Operational, But...

Post  The GeektoriousBIG on Sat Jan 10, 2009 7:10 am

The program works fine for me. However, I do have questions.

Q.) Does ESS have to be open (minimized) in order to receive text alerts?

Q.) What does the monitor program do exactly?

Q.) Do you take Donations?

Thanks for reading this.


A.) Having the program open in the background defeats the purpose if the notification allows access to the inbox without putting in the password.
I think if the notification pops up and if you hit view the calculator screen should pop up for password entry.

B.) There should be a option for the number of password attempts before the program locks and/or erases the archive and backups.

C.) Also a nice addition would be if they fail the password attempts an alarm option should sound (just for fun). Just like you have for the custom sound field.

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