Possible To Make Any PC Your PC? YES!!!

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Possible To Make Any PC Your PC? YES!!! Empty Possible To Make Any PC Your PC? YES!!!

Post  wonglovelife on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:22 am

How many times have you wished that your computer was with you while out-and-about? You know, like when you’re checking emails at an Internet Café in some end-of-earth location and one of your customers has just emailed you an urgent request—a situation that requires you to use all the tools within your home computer. But, unfortunately, you’re nowhere near home. Now imagine that you have your entire home computer environment within your pocket hard drive, MP3 player, iPod or even flash stick.

I’ve been waiting for such a travel tool for quite some time now. A program which converts any PC on Windows OS into a fully-functioning, near-mirror image, version of the password-protected computer I work on everyday—complete with programs, settings and document files. You know, it just like I want to get a tool that could make any PC my PC.

Thankfully I’ve found such a tool,Hopedot VOS, and the test results are impressive.

*can run in Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, and 7;
*work with any USB-based storage device that can appear as a drive letter to the operating system;
*installation are portable hard drives or flash memory drives;
*can be installed on an iPod or other music player or even on a mobile phone that has sufficient storage;
*a wide range of selections as to installing and running applications;
*high sense fo security: totally Isolated from the host system so that everything you do on Hopedot VOS, there’s no trace will be left on the host computer system.


Standard edition: Hopedot VOS enables you to create a virtual environment similar to Windows OS. In this virtual OS, you can install and run applications as you do on Windows OS, you can browse and bookmark your favorite sites etc.

Security edition: Hopedot VOS (Security Edition) is an enhanced version of its standard version. Evolved from standard version, Security version has addtional features besides those with stardard version. For example, files can’t be moved out and in by exporting and importing without passwords set beforhand. In this way, files could be well protected as long as you keep your password safe.

Professional edition: Hopedot VOS (Professional Edition) is designed specially for designers so that they can do their work at any time and at any where with their familiar software. In other words, with professional editon of Hopedot VOS, you could install much more professional softwares such as Autocab, Adobe illustrator, 3D Studio Max etc.

How it Works:
Simply plug in your USB device (in which you’ve pre-loaded Hopedot VOS, along with all the stuff you’d load onto your home computer—save for the actual operating system) into the host computer and their screen becomes your familiar desktop. Toggle back and forth between the host environment and your Hopedot VOS view. Their Internet connection is yours, and there’s no need to add anything to the host computer.

Pros & Cons
Pros: Provides an independent Windows environment you can easily transport from system to system; leaves no trace of applications or data on host PC; works on a variety of hardware from Flash drives to hard drives to music players or mobile phones; supports standard software installation without any modification or repacking; well protects privacy information; well encrypts all personal stuff and so on.

Cons: So far does not support any 64-bit version of Windows Operating System; does not support browser of Google Chrome.


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